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Let's Stop the Spread

Stop the spread! Coronavirus has impacted everything about our lives over the last year. I have a very real desire to ensure that I remain Covid-free and to do my part to ensure the safety of each signer to come.

Our Safety

A Good Notary complies with Federal and Virginia State regulations in regard to public safety and Covid-19. We require a socially distant signing with at least 6 feet in between the notary and the signer(s). As the facilitator of our signing appointment, I utilize hand santizer, gloves and NEW pens for each signing session; I also provide this PPE to you for your use as requested.

For my safety, your safety and the safety of our future signers, the following measures are in place to create and ensure the safest signing session possible for both the notary and customers:

Covid Screening

Someone will contact you in advance of arrival to ensure that you have not been in contact with the virus.

Masks Are Required

Masks are required with A Good Notary.

We use KN95 masks at each signing. I will double up on request.

All signers and persons in the signing area are required to wear face masks, secured firmly around the face and nose area, throughout the duration of the signing.

Social Distance - 6 ft Required

Social Distance is required for all signers with A Good Notary

I make every effort to sign with 6 feet of distance or more at each signing. A flat signing surface with enough room to be distance is recommended. Usually a kitchen table, dining room table, bar area or other similar area are suitable for success.

Contactless Signing

We wear gloves and provide them on request. All electronic and hybrid signing sessions require gloves for all parties. We provide hand santizier at each signing for all parties, as desired. All supplies are santized after each use, with Lysol while available.

BYOP - Bring Your Own Pen

Social Distance is required for all signers with A Good Notary

You are encouraged to bring your own pen to sign your documents. Be sure to check with your document issuer to confirm requirements.

Please note: most documents for real estate transactions recorded in the state of Virginia are required to sign in blue ink.

NEW pens are provided and available to any signer that does not have their own. Pens will be provided on request in the color required per document instruction. You will be the one and only owner of the pen and may take it with you if you like or it will be discarded it at the outset of our session.

Special Requests & Considerations

I will review special requests for feasibility, legal compliance with notarial laws and health and safety. As this can be a greater chore than you may think, all special requests need to be presented upfront for consideration, this means prior to our signing session.

If you would like an outdoor signing please know that this request must also be made upfront and is subject to change at at anytime. Please read Outdoor Signings & You for more information

Please Note
COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19: Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea.
Please postpone your signing or request a remote signing if you are feeling under the weather or experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.

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